zSTRESS - Premium IP Stresser Solutions

zSTRESS offers innovative IP stresser / booter solutions. Our stresser was made from scratch to offer you the #1 IP booter experience.

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What makes zSTRESS the best booter online today?

In the booter industry today there is plenty of competition. zSTRESS sticks out from the pack. We are a professionaly managed stresser with a staff team having years of experience. We believe in 2 things, strong power and customer satisfaction. You will be amazed by the power of our stresser, we offer a true 15-20Gbps + per flood, along with near instant support and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Custom Source

Our stresser was built from scratch to offer the most robust IP stresser experience. Everything on our booter was built in house and is completely custom.

Privacy Supported

Our booter does not store any of your personal details or billing information. Any sensitive account information is heavily encrypted, and we fully permit the use of VPN's on our stresser.


We have multiple dedicated backend nodes in our own private datacenter. Each flood is sent through dedicated fibre lines to offer the highest result instantaneously.